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Wednesday 4 October 2023

009 Society 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Statfold, 16-17 September 2023


That was certainly a Challenge with a capital C! Those of us who were around in 2013 may remember the Society 40th anniversary main celebration, which was a weekend convention at the Best Western Hotel in Kegworth, where some 200 members of the Society signed up for the full weekend and some 300 visitors, both members and public came on the Saturday or Sunday. A fantastic weekend, fondly remembered by all who took part and the general feeling was that it was a one-off that could not be topped.

Well, it was never intended that the 50th, golden anniversary of the Society was going have a competition or try to better that memorable weekend. Hiring a hotel for exclusive use for a weekend was out for a number of reasons and what with the Covid pandemic, lockdowns, credit crunch and all the rest, the time available to sort something memorable out for the anniversary was compressed. Whilst some planning for the anniversary had been on the committee agenda for years, it was 2022 when it gained momentum and the team of Society members that put everything together worked very hard over many long hours to firm up the host of things needed to run not only what is generally thought to be the biggest show exclusively covering the 009 "family" of scales eg 009, 00n3, HOe, HOm etc, with over 50 layouts plus trade and association attendance and to have it over 2 days in the main UK "magnet" of narrow gauge at Statfold as well as a gala Dinner for members on the Saturday night. 

Was it a success?  I met many people who thought it would not be one, and at times I have to admit that I shared concern that it was not going to be a repeat of the 40th weekend in Kegworth. However, the Society has reported that "750 members, operators and traders; and 450 members of the public enjoyed over 50 layouts, specialist trade stands and the gala dinner on the Saturday night" where 143 attended. Yes is certainly was a success, a very big success indeed! 

I was "invited to volunteer" to be the official photographer with a remit to take photos of every layout. I did manage to do that, but it came with a "downside". To get round every layout, I estimated that I would have to allow about 8 minutes for each layout. What I had not estimated was the effect on stamina (I ain't olympic standard fit any more......) or the fact that it would take 20 minutes or more of reunions and chats to get from one layout to another! The other drawback was that the size of the challenge was such that I would only be ablle to do one pass at each layout, so when I turned up with camera in hand, I had to snap what there was at that time, which has rather restrained the variety of stock on layouts and in-depth photos of parts of layouts that I would normally manage at a members open day event in a village hall with a full day to enjoy a dozen or so layouts. 

Similar compromises had to be made with captions. I am aware that captions to photos are a popular and essential requirement for any self-respecting event report, but it is a very time-consuming task to try to make every photo be accompanied by several lines of interesting text
So, what we have on offer here is photo coverage of every layout that attended, restricted to between 5 and 10 photos of each layout. Captions in the main are restricted to simply the layout name and the owner. I haven't listed scales, they are all 009 except for some HOe, HOm and 00n3 which I am confident that narrow gauge modellers who are visiting this report will be able to work out for themselves! In a few cases I have added some words to the basic captions, and over the coming months I will periodically visit and add a few more here and there, but in order to present this report sometime before the next 50th anniversary I have had to be quite firm in keeping things brief and simple in order to have it uploaded and available for all to see within a reasonable time before the exhibition becomes just a vague memory!

I do recommend that a very good supplement to viewing this photo report is to use the superb 28 page show guide that was produced by Steve Lanham. It can be downloaded from this link and every layout featured has a paragraph about it supplied by the layout exhibitor.

If you use the show guide in this way, please note that stand 56, Abberley and stand 65 Malvern did not attend.

Right, let's get on with it then! There are 7 parts to this report. In the usual way, under each photo shown below, there is a link. Click on the link and it will take you to the photo album for that part of the report. When you want to go to the next part, click on back arrows in the album to get you back to this blogsite, scroll to the next album link and so on. And most of all......Enjoy!


Part 1 covers some personalities, a photo of every trader (except 2 that I missed) that attended as well as every association or railway publicity, stand and a very brief glance at some of the Statfold locos; and the Saturday evening dinner. 

Parts 2 to 7 cover the 50 plus layouts and I will make a contents list of which layouts are featured in each part 


Part 2 features:
4          Glendale                                Chris Beadle
5          Sandy Shores                        Jamie Warne
6          Bottle Kiln Lane                     John Thorne
7          Dartmoor Modular                  Members of the Dartmoor 009 Group
8          Bruckless                               Andy Cundick
9          Shipmeadow                          Richard & Sarah Doe
10        Ilfracombe East                      Brian and Sue Key
11        Ulvaryd Strand                       Charlie Insley
12        De Niggende Saligheyd         Hugo Baart


Part 3 features:
13        Tan-y- Llyn                      Steve Flay
14        Clyre Valley                     Tim Couling
15        Ryedown Lane                Patrick Collins
17        Kurseong                        John Crane
19        Royston Wharf                Tony Clarke
20        Cattsbrook                      Geoff Harper
21        Gilderdale Mine               Peter Hogarth
22        Tan-yr-Allt/Dwffr Uchaf    Stan Williams & Alan Mountfield
23        Turtle Bay                        Rob Rossington


Part 4 features:
24A      Slugworth & Co                          Joshua Campbell
24B      Loctern                                       Michael Campbell
25        Launceston Steam Railway        Richard Holder
27        Ostravia                                      Blair Hobson
28        Sud Harz                                    Paul Steedman
30        Cefn Bryn Carreg                       Twmos Bayliss
31        Cherry Tree Halt                        John Davis
32        Lesobeng                                   Paul Spray
34        Castle Caereinion                      Martyn Harrison


Part 5 features:
37        Llandecwyn                        Martin Collins
38        Kaninchenbau                    Iain Morrison
39        Yr Ellen                              Mike Le Marie
43        Avin-A-Llyin                        Andrew & Alison Bailey
44        Tan Y Bwlch                       Brychan Watkins
46        Garreg Wen                       Matt Kean
47        Coleford                             John & Annabel Wilkes
49        Yurze Ore Mine                  Lucien Eijdems
50        Creag Dhubh Summit        Ted Polet


Part 6 features:
51        Smallbridge Junction                          Dale Gillard
52        Ashbury Wharf                                    Michael Hammond
53        St Margaret's Grange                         Chris Meaney
54        Whimsy                                               David Harrington
55        Brandgeight                                        Peter Hardy
57        Woodford                                            Trevor Street
58        Tyn-Goch/Jennings Farm Crossing    Martin Sutcliffe
59        Ravens Ravine plus Port William       David Wright
60        Newton/Goathorn                               Graham Kean


Part 7 features:
61        Llandyrau                            Jo Vincent & Paul Towers
62        Little Himalayan Railway    Giles Perkins
63        Aberglaslyn                         Andrew Holland
64        Tren Bach                           Richard Johnson
66        Cenac's Sidings                  James Hodgkiss
67        Long Sibford                       Members of the Oxfordshire Group
68        Bron                                    Stuart Bass
69        Llan Lechid                         David Johnston

Phew! I hope that if you have managed to get this far that you have enjoyed viewing my photo record of the weekend spent mainly on my feet in the big exhibition hall at Statfold!

I now await reports of gremlins amd errors encountered! 

Mick, 4 October 2023

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