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Wednesday 15 December 2021

04 December 2021. Wessex NG Modellers Open Day - in memory of Brian Guilmant, Colehill

On the 4th of December a very special event took place at the Colehill Memorial Hall, near Wimborne in Dorset. Brian Guilmant, sadly passed away in July 2020 after a very long fight with cancer, in the middle of the first Covid pandemic lockdown and as a result the many people who would have wanted to pay their respects at his funeral were unable to do so.

In addition to his well known work for the 009 Society having held nearly every committee position over more than 40 consecutive years, but best known for the many years he spent as Sales Officer, growing it from a single table for Society members to buy and sell pre-loved 009 items, to the largest stock of 009 and related items gathered together that exists, with a vibrant and successful worldwide trade, Brian was also a stalwart member of the Wessex NG Modellers and had held the group Christmas gathering and quiz at his home for many years.

In 2012 he expanded this diary event to include an 009 Society “members morning” before the Wessex meet at the hall, just 100 yards from his home which was attended by many who had travelled hundreds of miles to be there. After 2 years this then evolved into a full day event and was held very successfully until 2019, just weeks before the first wave of the Covid pandemic hit the country and also Brian’s increasing illness forced him to stand down from all Society activity for the last months of his active and fulfilling life.

2020 was a virtual write-off for all of us for most of the year, so it was not possible to run a December 2020 Colehill gathering, but with restrictions beginning to be lifted it was decided by some of the Wessex NG Modellers that a 2021 event would be put on, and be held in memory of Brian, so that some of those who were unable to attend his funeral, may have an opportunity to pay their respects. That this initial idea proved to be a success is endorsed by visitors who came from as far as 220 miles away and voluntary contributions to the cancer charity that was being supported amounted to nearly £470, a fantastic and generous gesture by the 25 or so Wessex members who were either exhibiting or “doing show duties” and the 100 or so visitors who attended. Considering that “social distancing” had to be adhered to and consequently the number of layouts on show had to be restricted in order to provide space, this was a very impressive turnout for a small hall at the best of times, let alone with all the restrictions in force. Full marks to John Thorne and Iain Morrison and the organising team, the volunteer ladies who worked so hard in the kitchen all day, and the team of assistants who made this day such a success.

It was a splendid day all round, excellent refreshments, good company and the informal and friendly atmosphere throughout that Brian always tried to generate for this little event. A fitting memorial indeed and an event that I personally hope we are able to do again.

Click HERE to View the Photo Album for this Report

Friday 12 November 2021

07 August 2021, Pewsey, 18th Wiltshire 009 Group Open Day - Catching Up Late Report 15 of 15

 “The Day After Tomorrow” – or more accurately, 19 months since, for me, the last opportunity to attend a model railway event, since January 2020 at the SWOONS open day in Ilton, so when The Wiltshire 009 Society Group announced that they were going ahead with their 2021 biennial open day in Pewsey, but tentatively dipping their toes into the post-lockdown era with a low-profile meet up, I along with others who have been starved of like-minded fellowship for such a long time, decided that even if I have moved house during the lockdown and now live over 100 miles from Pewsey, the lure of Marshall’s Bakery extra sticky Lardy Cake and a day out amongst Andy Cundick’s happy band of modellers was too much to resist! I was very glad that I made the effort as it was a very well organised little event, smaller than usual admittedly, but this made it more enjoyable in its own way as there were no problems maintaining sensible social distancing and enjoying the day catching up with friends and acquaintances in a safe and common-sense atmosphere. Big appreciation all round to the Wiltshire Group and I hope that this event has pioneered the way ahead and a return to some sort of normality once we get into 2022!

This now completes my mammoth “catch up” job in finally managing to get round to compiling and uploading 4 years worth of reports on the blog of my visits to NG modelling events since mid 2017, when home circumstances caused me to fall behind and then eventually to get so far behind that I wondered if it was worth doing it any more.

So, many thanks and much appreciation to all those who have provided encouragement and got me going again. There are signs that some degree of normality is starting to resume and if we all manage to get through this winter, keep the social distancing sensible, keep away from packed night clubs and football stadiums, refrain from glueing ourselves to roads and act with some common sense, then maybe 2022 will enable us all to resume enjoying mutual fellowship at our sort of events now they are slowly starting to gather momentum again. Best wishes to all and I hope to meet up with many friends and like minded ng model enthusiasts again somewhere soon!

Thursday 4 November 2021

11 January 2020, Ilton, SWOONS 14th Members Open Day. Catching Up Late Report 14 of 15

Well we all managed to get to the start of 2020 and were looking forward to another year of excellent and regular events with a narrow gauge flavour large and small throughout the land! Maybe this was an early forecast of what was to come however as the annual South West 009 Society group (SWOONS) starter for the year in Ilton, Somerset, very nearly didn’t happen due to a number of late withdrawals leaving Geoff Bowyer and his hard working team with a lot of effort and work to find sufficient replacements to make running the event viable. They ended up with eight layouts, from group members and 4 invited from as far afield as Cheshire as well as Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset to help to fill the gaps. In the circumstances, although a smaller number of layouts and traders than usual, it was still a great day to start the year, the 009 Soc sales was present in full, Matt and Maria’s pasties were as good as ever and everyone agreed that it was another splendidly successful day! How were we to know that for many, including me, this would be the last opportunity to attend a show for nearly two years!

Monday 1 November 2021

07 December 2019, Colehill near Wimborne, Wessex NG Modellers Open Day. Catching Up Late Report 13 of 15

The 8th annual gathering of the like-minded in Colehill, near Wimborne in Dorset was very much what the regular attenders had come to expect, with around 100 or so enthusiasts travelling from near and far to enjoy another informal and friendly day and a chance to do some Christmas shopping at the 009 Society sales stand, which was laden with goodies as ever. We didn’t know it at the time, but this gathering was the last time we would all be able to get together for this little event for 2 years, due to the Covid restrictions of 2020 and most of 2021 and the last one that we would be in the company of Brian Guilmant who had organised these Colehill gatherings, just 200 yards away from his home, but sadly passed away after a very long battle against cancer on the 24th of July 2020.

Wednesday 27 October 2021

19 October 2019, M5-M50 Narrow Gauge Modellers Exhibition, Corse & Staunton village hall. Catching Up Report 12 of 15

A rare treat for me that the very next weekend from my visit to the Christchurch MRX, I found that I had a free Saturday and the M5-M50 NG Modellers event was taking place. As the last one of these Group events that I had got to this year was the SWOONS, way back in January, I decided to take the opportunity to make the journey up from home in Dorset to the venue, north of Gloucester and almost exactly 100 miles. Well worth the effort. The very good balance and variety of scales covered, from 009 to Gn15 was the best that I can remember in a local/regional area group village hall type event such as this, as well as the splendid quality of the modelling, excellent refreshment service and the presence of both 009 Society and 7mm NG Association sales stands. Very well done to the M5-M50 Group organising team indeed!

Sunday 24 October 2021

12 October 2019, Tarrant Valley Railway and other NG Layouts at the Christchurch MRC exhibition. Catching Up Report 11 of 15

As 2019 continued, my free time became very restricted, so after the visit to Exeter back in June, I was not able to get to any more events during the summer. However when I learned that the Wimborne Railway Society were bringing their famous Tarrant Valley Railway, which I had not seen for quite a while, in October to the Christchurch MRC exhibition in Bournemouth, just 20 miles or so from my home, I managed to free myself up for a couple of hours, knowing that I couldn’t get to ExpoNG this year and this might be the last opportunity to get to a show with a NG presence for quite a while. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that there were also 3 other 009 layouts at the show and although I only had time for a brief visit to each of them, I’ve managed to include a few photos of these as well as the Tarrant Valley. Click on the link below and enjoy!

29 June 2019, Narrow Gauge Layouts at the Exeter MRX - Catching Up. Late Report 10 of 15

2019 was rather bare for me in terms of being able to attend events so when I found that on the last Saturday in June I had a rare free day and the Exeter MRX was on, I decided to get over to Devonshire, 2 hours drive from home for me, and catch up with the SWOONS (South West 009 Society group), who take over the entrance area of the large hall and run a narrow gauge exhibition within the exhibition! I don’t often go to major model railway shows but I’ve managed to visit this one 3 times and it is indeed a very good mainstream show, held in the indoor cattle market. If you are in this part of the world in June then I thoroughly recommend a visit to the Matford Centre, you won’t regret it!

A splendid event, well organised and good facilities; overall it was a great way to spend a summer Saturday and re-connect with narrow gauge modelling friends from the SWOONS Group.

Friday 22 October 2021

30 March 2019, The Narrow Gauge Show & 009 Society AGM, Rainford, Merseyside - Catching Up. Late Report 9 of 15

2019 heralded the 5th 009 Society AGM & NG show organised by Stan Williams and his team, and the 4th one in biennial sequence, so all regular attenders had by now got used to what to expect for the event! Just the one venue this year in the regular Parish Hall, where everyone attending managed to be crammed in amongst layouts, traders, refreshments and of course the famous Rainford Cakes! The AGM meeting itself was more than a bit of a squash, but that thankfully resulted in it being completed fairly promptly so we could all get back to the important business of admiring the layouts and enjoying mutual interest fellowship. Another excellent day out in Merseyside and for myself, well worth the 500 mile round trip and 18 hour day! Due to the limited time available because of the AGM, I did find myself having to hurry along quite a lot, so I had to make a decision to keep the time in front of layouts down, take some photos and move on; if it was a layout that has been featured regularly before, then I did not linger, so if your own layout is a well known one, but has only received scant coverage, then I apologise, this is the reason, nothing to do with favouritism or anything! I hope you all enjoy the photo album.

Monday 18 October 2021

12 January 2019, Ilton, Somerset. SWOONS Members Open Day – Catching Up. Late Report 8 of 15

Having not been able to get to the SWOONS do in 2018, first one I’d missed for many a year, I was determined to make it for the 13th South West 009 Soc Group open day at Ilton, somewhere west of Yeovil on the Somerset Levels this time, and I’m very pleased that I did because it was another memorable day out amongst friends and the fellow-afflicted NG modelling enthusiasts who had travelled from near and far to take part in the fellowship of the Tardis that is the Merryfield Village Hall and to have first dibs of the year at the wonderful 009 Soc Sales Tables! It’s only a small place, but Geoff Bowyer and his fellow SWOONS members know how to fill it with examples of quality modelling and still find room for a hundred or so to come and enjoy the delights! As ever, Matt and Maria Gicquel travelled from their Devon Railway Centre to lock themselves in the kitchen and provide cakes and of course, hot Oggies, all day. Much appreciation!

Friday 15 October 2021

01 December 2018, Colehill near Wimborne, Wessex NG Modellers Open Day - Catching Up, Late Report 7 of 15

This little gathering in the first week of December has become a regular end of year get together with a chance to make some last minute Christmas purchases from the well stocked 009 Soc sales tables, see some great narrow gauge modelling and enjoy like minded fellowship in a totally informal and friendly atmosphere. This was the 7th occasion and, like the previous ones, attracted visitors from near and as far away as the West Midlands as well as those enthusiasts who brought layouts along, notably Jim and Lyn Owers from the Isle of Wight and Bob Vaughan from Watford, just to share the day with modelling friends and colleagues. For a change I managed to overlook taking any photos of the 009 Society sales stand, but I can assure all that it was there! Overall, a splendid pre-Christmas get together was enjoyed!

Wednesday 13 October 2021

27 October 2018 - Expo Narrow Gauge, Swanley, Catching Up, Late Report 6 of 15

End of October, getting cold and wet, clocks going back to wintertime and it is once again time for ExpoNG! Having not being able to get there for the first time in many years in 2017, I was determined to make it to Swanley this year and I’m glad I did as, not only was it a very good event, but sadly, it was also my last one as I couldn’t get to the next year’s event in 2019 and as it turned out, that was the final ExpoNG for the foreseeable future for a number of reasons, including the, at the time, unforeseen Covid pandemic and lockdowns. ExpoNG might return in the future but many don’t think it will be in the same format as we had all become used to at the White Oak Leisure Centre.

This 2018 event featured two anniversaries – the 35th ExpoNG and the 50th anniversary of the Greenwich & District NG Railway Society, who are the organisers of the show. Fitting then that the Dave Brewer Challenge this year was to be a difficult one, in producing a working layout in a space of only 50cm x 35cm. Eight skilled modellers rose to the challenge and their excellent results are covered in Part 3 of this report.

I would have normally made a report of a large event such as this into 2 Parts, but to make it easier for me to put it together, and hopefully for you to view the photos and captions, I have put it into 3 Parts of approximately 50 photos each. When you have finished viewing one of the parts, click on the main “back arrow” top left of your screen to get back to the blog page and then click on the link to get to the next Part you want to view, or to scroll down to another report. I hope that is clear enough, I’ve no doubt that I will be told quick enough if it isn’t!



Friday 1 October 2021

14 October 2018, Museum of Transport at the Christchurch MRC Exhibition, Catching Up, Late Report 5 of 15

 After NG South in April, I was unable to attend any further events until later in the year when I learned that Robin Ogden would be bringing his 4mm scale Museum of Transport to the Christchurch MRC exhibition in Bournemouth, which is only about 45 minutes from where I lived. I determined that I had to do whatever it took to get to see it, which I’m pleased to report that I did manage to do so.

I have struggled to find the best way to present this report as much of this splendid layout describes itself very adequately through the images, so I decided that photo captions would be left out unless it seemed necessary to add supplementary information in some cases and that I would as far as possible restrict the words without rambling off into general comments!

Robin made a comprehensive description of the layout in the exhibition programme and I can’t improve on that, so here is the introduction to The Museum of Transport, extracted from Robin Ogden’s own words:

Situated in a coastal town somewhere in England, the former dock area is ideally placed to display the many different aspects of our transport, industrial and maritime heritage.

Railway exhibits are housed in a purpose-built gallery where may be found historic and unusual locomotives, carriages, signals and other artefacts associated with a century and a half of railways in the British Isles. A self-service cafeteria is open in the railway gallery. The building is glass fronted with the roof removed for maximum visibility.

4mm electric tramcars operate on a double track around part of the layout that also includes the road gallery housing an extensive collection of classic motor vehicles and the tramway depot. A miniature railway (based on N gauge) operates around this area and beyond. A diesel railcar or a standard gauge tank locomotive & brake van operates to and from the engine sheds alongside the dockside line, crossing over the two branch docks by a working bascule bridge and a swing bridge. The line runs the entire length of the layout (approximately 20 feet).

In the first dock is moored a freelance passenger steamer, St Olaf and a retired coastal lightship based on the Spurn Light. In the second dock are a steam paddle-tug, a Clyde Puffer and a smaller vessel, whilst at the other end of the layout a dry dock is home to a model of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company’s former passenger and mail ship, RMS Scillonian.

The front part of the layout offers an area available for varied displays: bus rallies, military vehicle displays, classic vehicle rallies etc as well as home to a scale model RAF Lancaster bomber. A visiting brass band plays a selection of melodies and there is a hot air balloon for visitors to be elevated to 200 (scale) feet to enjoy overall views of the museum.

High time to visit the photo report:

Click HERE to view the Photo Album for this Report

Thursday 30 September 2021

07 April 2018, Narrow Gauge South, Barton Peverill College, Eastleigh - Catching Up, Late Report 4 of 15

For the 14th biennial NGS, Exhibition Manager Tim Couling and assistants from the Wessex NG Modellers moved from the long term location of Sparsholt College near Winchester to Barton Peverill College in Eastleigh, which offered better access for visitors and a return to the popular large hall style of venue, which had not been available at Sparsholt for a few years. A huge effort by all involved in the organisation resulted in a fantastic show, with no less than 33 layouts and 27 trade, publicity and society stands, covering all scales from Hof to 7¼ in gauge! The 009 Society also held their AGM in the middle of the day while all this was going on.

 So, how to cover a big show like this and provide as reasonable balance as possible has been the challenge. Another challenge was the ghastly green painted walls in the huge main hall, which caused a colour cast challenge which I struggled with for photos showing the whole of layouts, apologies for some of the poorer quality images that resulted and also one of the side rooms was extremely dark which affected overall layout photos even more so. In order to show as much of the show as possible, I’ve split the report into two parts. Access them in the usual way by clicking on the link text below each of the two photos.

 I hope you enjoy the report!


Click HERE to view the Photos for Part 1


Half way through the layouts now! As I reported for both the 2014 and 2016 NG South events, it was quite a challenge for me to fit in an hour or more for the 009 Society AGM and to find sufficient time to get round everything and record everything. I had to shorten my time in front of some of the layouts, but have tried to confine the quick “click and move on” visits to those that we have all seen previously in these reports as far as possible. One layout in this section has been given an extended coverage, which is only fair as it was awarded the “best in show”!

I hope you have enjoyed this report. The next one will be of a visit I made later in the year to see Robin Brogden’s Museum of Transport. If you haven’t seen this layout, it has something of everything in it and I guarantee you will be impressed!

Sunday 26 September 2021

17 February 2018 Rainford, Merseyside, The Narrow Gauge Show (NG Stan) - Catching Up, Late Report 3 of 15

For the first time, I was unable to start the year off with a visit to Ilton for the SWOONS event in January and with the demise of the sadly missed NG Southwest, it looked as if a barren first part of 2018 was on the agenda. However Stan Williams came to the rescue as far as I was concerned by organising a show at the familiar venue of All Saints parish hall in Rainford, Merseyside, which I think was titled “The Narrow Gauge Show”, but will hereinafter always be known as NG Stan! Very appropriately the show included no less than 6 amongst the 10 layouts present that were either owned by or built by Stan and/or Roger Christian over the years, and poignantly, although I certainly didn’t know it at the time, was that Roger would sadly succumb to long term illness later in the year so from my own perspective at least, it was a timely opportunity to make the long journey from Dorset to Rainford to attend. RIP Roger, you were a true ambassador to the hobby and are very much missed by all who knew you.

Click HERE to view the Photos for this Report

Wednesday 22 September 2021

02 December 2017, Colehill near Wimborne, Wessex NG Modellers Open Day - Catching Up, Late Report 2 of 15

 For the 6th annual day out in Dorset that Brian Guilmant and members of the Wessex NG Modellers organised, some 150 including participants, support staff and swanners around with camera shoehorned their way into Colehill community hall. As has become a regular end of year get together with a chance to make some last minute Christmas purchases from the well stocked 009 Soc sales tables, see some great narrow gauge modelling and enjoy like minded fellowship in a totally informal and friendly atmosphere, what more could anyone want on a cold Saturday 3 weeks before Christmas! These events are much more fulfilling and enjoyable than the big mainstream exhibitions, full of the same products from Hornby, Bachmann, Grafar and etc with just a couple or so NG layouts of the sort we all like – and at 3 or 4 times the entrance price as well!

Tuesday 21 September 2021

5 August 2017, Wiltshire Group 009 Society 16th Biennial Members Day and MOMING 17, Pewsey - Catching Up. Late Report 1 of 15

 A Saturday in early August and the year is an odd numbered one, so once again it is time for the biennial Wiltshire Group gathering in Pewsey, this time being the 16th occasion. Some 200 or so like-minded enthusiasts found their way to a village hall in rural Wiltshire from all over the country, including 2 traders who had travelled from over 400 miles away in Scotland, one from Manchester and 2 from Birmingham. Nobody was disappointed as Andy Cundick and the Wiltshire Group team pulled out all the stops as they always do, to ensure that everyone had a splendid day out enjoying top quality modelling as well as an overload of sugar with the famous extra sticky lardy cakes that are a feature of the event!

Monday 20 September 2021

20 September 2021, It's Been A While! Time to Start Catching Up!

 It has certainly been a while, in fact rather more than that: approx 52 months since the last roving report was posted back in May 2017!

Several reasons for this: family health matters took over my life for a a long time and as a direct result, after posting the Beds & Bucks report from May 2017, the next event that I managed to get to was Pewsey in August of that year. However my rather antiquated and cumbersome photo processing "system" is extremely time intensive and before getting photos, suitably edited, cropped and in a lot of cases due to bad lighting on both layouts and in the halls themselves, quite a lot of tweaking using a very old image software called Paint Shop Pro, the original versions that were made by Jasc Software, not the current Corel produced one of the same name which is far more advanced, but also far less user friendly and simple! 

And then there are the captions! A lot of people don't bother with captions, they just upload their photos and leave it to the viewer to try to work out what layouts and owners etc they are looking at. I like to give at least some clues to what the photos are of, which those who have given feedback previously have always commented favourably about. This all takes time and effort as well, and........ well they never got done, the next event I managed to get to after that also got into the queue and on it went.

A constraint of continuing the blog as it is, is that Google in its wisdom won't let you "insert" blog posts between others, they have to appear sequentially. So, as I have always been running what amounts to a continuing diary, then I didn't want to make postings out of date sequences. The result of this is that the backlog got longer and longer and life matters got heavier and heavier. 4 years later I found myself in a position of being 4 years older, but also 2 major illnesses in the family, one ongoing and one over 2 months in hospital and a 2 year recovery marathon, plus a house move in the middle of the pandemic, and in all that time, admittedly slowed by the covid pandemic stuff, I found that I had actually managed to get the camera out and attend 15 shows, 13 of them in the first 2½ years outstanding - 2017-19, just 1 in 2020 and so far 1 in 2021 with the likelihood that things may start to get rolling again next year, so certainly time to take stock and look at the viability of trying to catch up on lost postings and carrying on into the future. BUT I discovered that in those 15 events I took over 2500 images - many of them not very good images as well, so there has been some intensive work and much time spent in recent weeks going through them and getting them resized down to the standard online 800 x 600 format, ready for sifting down to a reasonable number and then starting the big task of captions!

With most attenders at events seeming to have very smart phones that take wonderful photos just by pointing at the subject, then there may not be much of a need for "roving reports" such as mine any more, only time and feedback will tell on that one.

Anyway, in case it takes a long time (I think it will) to catch up, and I hope it is catch up, not keep up as more events start to reappear in the diary hopefully, I'm starting the ball rolling here with a little taster so that each of the 15 events visited by me since 2017 get a mention, and then the outstanding reports from these can be built as time allows hopefully in the near future and not in another 4 years time!

Here's a brief taster then of the 15 so far "missing" roving reports:

5 August 2017 Pewsey - Wiltshire Group 009 Soc 16th biennial members day and MOMING 17 

14 Layouts plus 7 MOMING layoutsBerger Hall - Bill Corser 09

Unfortunately I was unable to get to ExpoNG in 2017

2 December 2017 Colehill - Wessex NGM Dorset members day
11 Layouts plus a number of small dioramas by Toby Hollins-Jones
Hirson Bellvue - Howard Coulson HO9 (Howard does not recognise "HOe"!)

I was also unable to attend the annual "start of year" SWOONS open day at Ilton in January 2018 so my next outing was all the way to Merseyside to attend:

17 February 2018 Rainford - "Narrow Gauge Stan" - Stan Williams' roundup of North West NG layouts
10 Layouts
Tan yr Allt - Roger Christian 009

7 April 2018 Eastleigh - Narrow Gauge South. A really big show in its new location
36 Layouts
Aldbourne - Adrian Ponting 009

Another long period without being able to get to any shows until:
13 October 2018 - Christchurch MRC exhibition at Bournemouth
Just 1 large Layout covered
Museum of Transport - Robin Ogden 4mm scale

27 October 2018 Swanley - ExpoNG
22 Layouts plus 8 small Dave Brewer Challenge Trophy entrants
Launceston - Richard Holder 009

1 December 2018 Colehill - Dorset 009 Modellers and Wessex NGM open day
14 Layouts
Portewen - Roger Gadsby (RM Railway of the Month March 1992)

12 January 2019 Ilton - SWOONS 13th members open day
13 Layouts
St Petroc Quay - Harry Dawe 009

30 March 2019 Rainford - The NG Show and 009 Society AGM
15 Layouts
Loch Ewe Harbour - David Johnston 009

29 June 2019 Exeter - Exe Model Railway Society MRX - NG layouts
7 NG Layouts
Pontfadog - Toby Hollins-Jones 2mm scale 5mm gauge

12 October 2019 Christchurch MRC exhibition at Bournemouth - NG Layouts
4 NG Layouts
Tarrant Valley Railway - Wimborne Railway Society 009

19 October 2019 Corse & Staunton - M5/M50 NG Modellers Exhibition
10 Layouts
Derwent Road - Bill Flude 09

7 December 2019 Colehill - Dorset 009 Modellers & Wessex NGM open day
11 Layouts
Tansey Bank - Bob Vaughan 009

11 January 2020 Ilton - SWOONS 14th members open day
The last event that I attended before the Covid lockdowns
8 Layouts
Fort Whiting - Charlie Insley 009

7 August 2021 Pewsey - Wiltshire Group 009 Group 18th biennial open day
The first outing for me after Covid public meeting restrictions lifted
10 Layouts
Garreg Wen - Matthew Kean 009

That lot should give me something to get stuck into over the autumn (and hopefully not longer than that - but we'll hope for the best!) - if I manage to get the free time to get on with it!